Does Milk Do The Body Good?

It’s argued milk is an important aspect of our diet. There’s a reason why babies are nurtured with milk from day one. Both breast milk and formula are concentrated nutrients that can be found in milk. But there are also a number of arguments against its consumption.

Here are some arguments as to why we may or may not need milk in our lives.

Nutritional Value

Milk provides basic nutrients that our bodies need. While milk is certainly not the only resource for these components, it is one of the best ways to get them quickly through a few glasses of milk a day. It is believed milk has the capacity to increase the risk of certain health issues. It contains no iron and, in small children, this can contribute to blood loss that could gradually and negatively impact the digestive tract.

Weight Loss

It’s said that milk speeds up the metabolism, strengthening the body’s ability to burn fat, particularly tough abdominal fat. The argument here is there has never really been a significant study to prove milk’s impact on weight loss.

Bone Health

Advocates have long attested that calcium-rich milk keeps bones and teeth strong and healthy. Children that don’t get sufficient amounts of calcium are at risk of osteoporosis. It’s also believed an early lack of milk can have consequences during the geriatric years. Organizations like the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine argue milk’s impact on bone health is exaggerated. Teenagers were studied in this regard and results determined physical activity had played a part in bone health, but not calcium or milk.

Heart Disease

Men who consumed milk showed less risk of ischaemic, or poor blood flow, strokes, as well as a reduction in potential heart disease. Outside the U.S., medical communities have found a correlation between milk consumption and the number of deaths from coronary heart disease. Reducing consumption saw fewer deaths and increasing milk consumption resulted in a higher rate of deaths.

Finding out if milk does a body good seems to be more about who’s speaking than anything. You can make milk a part of your routine, but there should also be physical activity, regular medical checkups and a practical diet. That’s the only way to really do a body good.

2 Comments on "Does Milk Do The Body Good?"

  1. Debbie McDougal | March 11, 2016 at 9:38 pm | Reply

    Well, everyone has their opinion right? I would have to say that in moderation, milk is good for the body, but there are reasons to keep from over doing it.

  2. I do not like it when studies come out saying the opposite of what has been known for so many years. It is hard enough to believe what you read and then this happens!

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