Learn How I Lost 60 Pounds & Got Six Pack Abs

me-at-200A few years back I was struggling with drinking, partying and becoming an adult. When I say struggling, I mean struggling enough to rack up over $50,000 in medical bills. My inability to let go of the fun of being a college “kid” left me mentally AND physically out of shape.

One day I woke up and realized I need to change my life and it needed to happen NOW.

Over the next year, my sole focus was on staying sober and getting my mind right. Like most, I decided to indulge in the comfort foods that made me feel good about myself. Mentally I felt strong and my confidence was starting to come back. The only thing that was still broken was my physical well-being. I weighed 200 pounds, my waist size increased 8 sizes, and I couldn’t make it through the night without becoming soaked in sweat.

Create a plan and get focused…

I decided to create a plan for myself that included HIIT training, a healthy reduced calorie diet, and the right natural supplements that enabled me loose 60 pounds and up 5 pounds per week.

HIIT Training– HIIT training, better known as high intensity interval training, was perfect for getting my metabolism going again. In fact, it’s known to create an “after burn” that allowed my body to lose weight up to 48 hours after a workout.

Some of the most popular HIIT programs can be found below:

  • 10-20-30 Interval Training
  • Tabata Method
  • Little Method
  • Turbulence Training

Diet– This is one of the most important aspects for anyone looking to transform their body and loose weight fast. I’d be a liar if I said it was easy to change my diet. Who doesn’t love eating french fries, burgers, steak, desert, and other yummy unhealthy foods. However, if you want to loose weight, its a simple formula. You need to burn more calories then you consume in a given day. It’s that simple.

When I was loosing up to 5 pounds a week, more calorie intake was about 1800 per day. This was low and this was extremely difficult.

…In Comes The Best Weight Loss Product on The Market

Natural Weight Loss Suppliments like ForskolinFitPro– Let’s be real, I felt like shit when I first started out. I was going from putting down pounds of comfort food to looking to convert pounds of fat into muscle. I tried getting a pump from…

  • Monster
  • Redbull
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Non-natural formulas like C4, No-Explode, Octane, and many more

None of these gave me the energy I needed to keep going and I was starting to loose my motivation.

Then one my my friends who had been an amateur body builder recommended a product called ForskolinFitPro. He said it was an all-natural formula that was created for men looking to get more from their workouts.

I immediately noticed..
…An increase in energy for up to 2 hours in the gym
…An increase in the amount of weight I was lifting
…An increased level of focus with no wasted sets

Even when I wasn’t lifting weights, I could feel a major difference. What’s even better, they offer a limited number free trial bottles per day for anyone looking to experience the same difference.


Don’t believe me? The results speak for themselves…

mike-fat mike-middle mike-cut-final
Weight = 200
Body Fat% = 37%
Lean muscle = 120 lbs
Weight = 170
Body Fat% = 16%
Lean muscle = 127 lbs
Weight = 147
Body Fat% = 6%
Lean muscle = 134 lbs

My friends and family couldn’t believe it…

man“Mike’s progress is unreal. I’ve never seen someone transform their body and change their physique as quickly as he did. I’m excited to be using ForskolinFitPro and following in his footsteps”.
– Ken Lighty

trainer“I was supporting Mike the whole time pushing him in his journey. He came to be and asked if I had a supplement I recommended and I referred him to ForskolinFitPro. Crazy has seen such fast results. I’m really happy for him”.
– Brad Sullinger

girl“I must admit, Mike used to be overweight. He was cute in the face, but his body needed some work. Fast forward to where he is now, I’m blown away by how great his body looks. The girls all turn heads at the beach”.
– Sarah Kennedy

The true benefits of ForskolinFitPro

Not only have I been taking ForskolinFitPro for 9 months, I’m a regular customer of theirs. The benefits are unreal and I encourage you to experience them first hand.

.. Increased energy no matter how long your workout
.. Increased strength in the gym (I added 10 lbs to my bicep curl on the fast day)
.. Increased mental focus to complete every rep of every set
.. Increased lean muscle mass (being bulky isn’t for everyone!)
.. Increased blood flow to muscle tissue for quicker recovery

Don’t forget it’s 100% All Natural

Not only is it 100% all natural, but it’s made of the highest quality ingredients with the highest concentrations available. The superior, proprietary blend ensure laser sharp concentration to help achieve your goals.

Grab a Free Trial Bottle (Limited Time Offer)…

The makers of ForskolinFitPro do something really cool. They give away a limited number of free trial bottles each day. Many of my friends and students were lucky enough to capitalize on this offer.

Don’t just take my word for it. Make the commitment to change yourself and start building lean muscle today. I’m thankful for ForskolinFitPro for giving me the tools I needed to change my life and get back to the physically fit person I used to be…


P.S. I am a real person. Send me a message if you want proof.

4 Comments on "Learn How I Lost 60 Pounds & Got Six Pack Abs"

  1. Good way of describing your transformation and congratulations.

  2. Great effort and commitment.

  3. Todd Reclare | March 20, 2016 at 4:11 pm | Reply

    Well, you certainly have a great story to tell! It is always nice to hear and see the results of people that have decided it is time to get their body back into a healthy routine again!

  4. Jeff Stancheck | March 20, 2016 at 4:13 pm | Reply

    Looking good. I’m hoping to see the same results from Bio Fuel No2.

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